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Finished Tallship Model: Shipping in Solid Box

Finished Tallship Model: Shipping in Solid Box
Tallship Model (Battlship Royal Sovereign). The finished model is made to order of one of the largest Moscow foreign-trade companies as a present for President of a big transnational company with its office in the Western Europe.

According to the contract the model is packed in a solid plywood box with firm fastening for shipping.

Advantage: One save his/her money on assembling craftsmen arrival.
Disadvantage: One has to take the model from the studio in Tver oneself. In order to carry a large ship mode a spacious car (i.e. business-class microbus) is needed. The box must be firmly fastened with belts in the car. A perfect road is also very important that is sometimes impossible in Russia! One need a forwarding agent to ship the model by railway or by air.

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