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British 100-gun battleship Royal Sovereign
Royal Sovereign Great Britain, 1805. 100-gun battleship.
Scale 1:96. Sizes: length 1110 mm, height 780 mm.
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British 100-gun battleship, 1805. Participant of the Battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Collingwood's flagship.

In the Battle of Trafalgar of October, 21st, 1805 the British 100-gun battleship Royal Sovereign was Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood's flagship. The Royal Sovereign was the first who went into action and divided the enemy squadron. In battle she put the Santa Anna, Spanish Admiral Alava's flagship, out of action. On Admiral Nelson being wounded, Admiral Collingwood on board the Royal Sovereign completed the encirclement and defeated the Spanish-French squadron. In battle the ship was considerably damaged, lost the main and mizzen masts. Appox. 150 men of the crew were lost.

Under his command the British fleet and captured enemy ships entered harbors of England.

The Royal Sovereign remained in service till 1815, was disassembled only in 1841.

The model of the British 100-gun battleship Royal Sovereign was built to order of an Englishman. Authentic drafts from London Maritime Archives were used. At present time a similar model is built for a Russian customer.

British 100-gun battleship Royal Sovereign

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