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Stanislav Ovsyannikov, Ship Model Construction Owner, and Mayor of Great Yarmouth

With kind permission of our customers we are glad to place their reviews on our site. The studio SMC built a good number of scale models for very respectable organizations and well-known persons of Russia, but, much to our regret, they did not permit us to make their orders and reviews public.

Mike Smith, businessman, our UK agent (Great Yarmouth, UK):
Mike Smith, businessman, our UK agent (Great Yarmouth, UK) The quality of your workmanship is excellent, unfortunately the public do not know the difference between cheap Chinese imitations and the real thing. Luckily in Great Britain there are some people who really can appreciate sailing ship models of high quality. Thus an English businessman has ordered the company SMC a large model of HMS Royal Sovereign, Admiral Collingwood's flagship in the Battle of Trafalgar.

Gary DeSmidt, private collector (Chicago, IL, the USA):
Gary DeSmidt, private collector (Chicago, IL, the USA) I am an American sailing ships collector who took the rare opportunity to visit SMC ship modeling workshop in Tver, Russia. Here is testimony that you will not find a more credible source for the manufacture of custom-built model ships. The owner of SMC is Stanislav Ovsjannikov. I have found him to be conscientious and clear in his communication with me. He is not only an honest businessman but also a hospitable family man and a good Christian. He has at his disposal over ten craftsmen, five at the master level, and over two hundred plans for ships dating available from the last four centuries. All SMC plans of ships, especially ships of the Russian Navy, are original and unique.

He is not able to keep many models because they sell too quickly to inventory, but he is capable of producing ships at any quality level desired. I have placed the first order for the stern of the battleship Soleil Royal and paid an advance. I am quite sure my order will be filled in time and with high quality. I am going to place some more orders for ship models in the near future.

Renee Rowan, Loyalhanna Dockyard, our US agent (Bergen, N.Y., the USA):
In July 2003, we sold the American Schooner "Enterprise" (1798), to a customer from the State of South Carolina in the United States. Mr. Norm Greene was the Customer who ordered the model. He was very satisfied with the Workmanship, Price and Quick Delivery time. "Ship Model Construction" (SMC), takes great pride in the satisfaction of its' Customers and we insure Meticulous Workmanship at reasonable prices to all.

Gennadiy S. Yegiyan,  LLC "Legal Consulting", General Director, Member of the Board International Maritime Law Association (Moscow, Russia):
Modern Cargoship Moskva For representative purposes the shipping department of our company decided to obtain a model of one our cargo ships. We found the firm SMC on the Internet and asked them to make a model of our vessel from drawings. The order was filled in a rather short period of time. We were very pleased to learn how fine the workmanship of our cargo vessel was. The smallest details of the ship equipment and outfit were made with consummate skill and striking accuracy that testifies not only the craftsmen's high professionalism but also their profound knowledge of naval science.

We thank the specialists from the firm SMC for the perfectly made model. We are sure that orders for any other ship models will be performed as impeccably as this one.

Contact us! Your order will be filled with high quality and in time.

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