SMC Rambler's Top100 Clipper Dzhigit
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Tallship Model. Clipper Dzhigit
Dzhigit Russia, 1877. Steam clipper.
Scale 1:120. Sizes: length 720 mm, height 500 mm, width 200 mm.
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Sailing steam clipper of the Russian Navy. Its hull was composite - wooden planking on steel frames. It was a successful type of light cruiser-raider with unlimited endurance. The Dzhigit represented the second series of four sister-ships. Served in the Pacific Squadron.

By the time of the Russian-Japanese War she became obsolete and was used only to guard the harbor of Port Arthur. On January, 2, 1905 the clipper was sunk before Port Arthur's surrender. The ship's crew participated in the defence of Port Arthur at the land front. The Dzhigit's guns were used in the coast artillery.

Tallship Model. Clipper Dzhigit

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