SMC Rambler's Top100 Russian galleass Svyatoy Georgiy (Saint George)
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Model of russian galleass Svyatoy Georgiy
Svyatoy Georgiy (Saint George) Russia, 1696. Sailing rowing galleas.
Scale 1:90. Sizes: length 610 mm, height 560 mm, width 240 mm.
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Sailing rowing vessel. Built at the Voronezh shipyard for the Second Campaign of Azov of Peter I. The money for the ship's building was collected from the nobles according to the tzar decree. The Svaytoi Georgiy was also classified as "barcalon" or "barbari vessel". While building the Svaytoi Georgiy the Russians used the experience of the Venetian Navy that had been fighting with Turkey at sea for a long time.

Because there were no professinal seamen in Russia the ship's rigging was similar to that of a polacre-xebec. Another characteristic feature of the Svyatoi Georgiy was her strong bow battering ram. The navigability of such vessels turned out to be very poor, that is why, ships of this type were not built any more.

Model of russian galleass Svyatoy Georgiy

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