SMC Rambler's Top100 Russian 52-gun battleship Archangel Yagudiil
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Model of russian 52-gun battleship Archangel Yagudiil
Archangel Yagudiil Russia, 1715. 52-gun battleship.
Scale 1:75. Sizes: length 690 mm, height 590 mm.
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The 52-gun battleship Archangel Yagudiil was laid down in the summer of 1711 at Solombalskaya Shipyard along with her sister ship Archangel Uriil. Built by the shipwright Gerens. She served as a prototype for a large series of 52-gun battleships, the so called "archangels". She reflected further development of a Predestination class minor battleship. In 1715-16 the Archangel Yagudiil made a voyage around Scandinavia, in 1716 joined the Baltic Fleet. In May, 1719 participated in the Battle of Ezel in which the Swedish battleship Vachmeister, a frigate and a snow were captured.

The battleship Archangel Yagudiil was built according to the shipbuilding program of 1707 and armed to a new standard. Thus 18-pdr. guns were installed on the lower deck, 8-pdr. - on the upper deck, 4-pdr. - on the after superstructure.

Plank-on-frame hull with double planking. The above-water part of the hull is planked with walnut of various colors while the underwater part is planked with mahagony. The model's decorations and guns are cast of white metal, painted. The rigging is made on basis of documentation of such ships of the Peter the Great's time as Gotto Predestination and Ingermanland. Sails are hand-sewn.

Model of russian 52-gun battleship Archangel Yagudiil

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