SMC Rambler's Top100 Dutch 80-gun battleship Friesland
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Model of dutch 80-gun battleship Friesland
Friesland, 1663. Dutch 80-gun battleship.
Scale 1:75. Sizes: length 775 mm, height 714 mm.
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The Dutch second-rank battleship Friesland built approximately in 1663 was a member of the Fleet of the United Provinces of Holland which consisted of 1700 units. As a member of a fleet of 77 ships, she participated in the Battle of Solebay of 1672. The ship's reconstruction was based on authentic Dutch documentation.

The Dutch Shipbuilding School of the 17th century made a great impact on shipbuilding of the Russian Fleet in Peter the Great's times. lot of Dutch shipwrights worked in Russia, while many Russian shipbuilders, including the tzar Peter I under the nickname of apprentice Petr Mikhailov studied in Holland. No wonder that Russian ships of the Peter's period, especially of the early 1700-s, were much alike the Dutch ones. Some Dutch battleships of second and third rank, including at least one of the Friesland's sister ships, were bought from Holland and served at the Baltic.

The model represents a great number of various ornamets and carvings typical for most ships of that time. The model's decorations are superimposed castings.

Plank-on-frame hull with double planking. The above-water part of the hull is planked with walnut of various colors while the underwater part is planked with mahagony.

Model of dutch 80-gun battleship Friesland

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